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What I do and how I can help you

I work with people to help them discover the things that hold them back from reaching their potential. I enjoy seeing people and families make positive changes in their lives and instead of merely existing, live life thriving, managing the daily struggles of life with ease.

I believe that every person has value and potential, and when they realize their own true self, not only do they live life well, but help others to live life well too. How I work is to find out what you want for yourself and we can work together in achieving these outcomes.

I am a fully trained and registered professional counsellor and psychotherapist who has worked with many people who have had a wide range of complex issues.

Counselling - an interactive process

When you come to me for counselling, I will provide an interactive process to exchange ideas, seek clarification and guidance over the problems you are experiencing, such as loss and grief, employment issues, addiction, health issues and changing behaviours.

At other times, people might just be feeling not themselves and want to figure out what is happening, such as feeling overwhelmed or experiencing emotional distress.

Psychotherapy - creating a new life

Psychotherapy is sometimes described as creating new dance steps together a new life.

Psychotherapy is more about the self, why am I always feeling like this, or why does this happen over and over to me.

Psychotherapy generally takes longer because issues that have troubled you for some time are worked with more deeply. Such issues might be a general dissatisfaction with yourself and relational issues (fear of rejection, deep anxiety and frustration). In the relationship between the psychotherapist and the client, the unconscious is explored. This relationship can sometimes feel intense, but from an objective distance, it helps to understand why we developed patterns that helped or hindered us in our lives."


Supervision occurs when you are in a helping profession and you meet with experienced professional to talk candidly about your work.

It acts as a sounding board, exploring the work with a client that benefits the client and the supervisee.

It is also to help with strategies and theory and has a helpful eye on ethical and professional practice, and supports you in your role.

I have worked with many supervisees over the years from a wide range of helping professions.

Please don't hesitate to contact Janette if you require any further information.